Fern Sanctuary

Priestess of the Divine Feminine and Energy Healer

About Me

I hold safe space outside in nature to allow you to reconnect to yourself. 

Using various tools available to me as Priestess of the Divine Feminine and Reiki Master Healer.


Sound Journey with the Crystal bowls

Sound healing/journey/therapy is an ancient practice for wellness, self care and meditation. A sound journey involves getting comfortable and cosy and relaxing into the sounds and vibrations made by the Quartz crystal Sound bowls and other instruments.

Earth Circles

Reconnect with yourself outside with a group of likeminded individuals. Using nature as our guide and inspiration.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is an energy healing treatment that works on all levels – physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic.

Events / Retreats

Full day retreat in Nature, like an Earth Circle but more time for healing and nourishing yourself.


Whether you’re curious about my services, want to book a session, or want me to come to your event, I’m here to answer any questions. Lets chat…